Early 2022 Pairing







Both parents embark tested. Both are produced by my wolfdog pairings.

Akela is a big beautiful sweetheart, loves attention and meeting new people, does great in the house. She is 50.1% wolf, 22% German shepherd, 16.7% Malamute and 11.2% Husky. Akela is hip and elbow OFA’d.

Juniper is also a big sweetie. Loves meeting new friends, does great in the house. He is one I kept from my Sterling/Anner pairing. He is 63.9% wolf, 20.2% German shepherd, 9.9% Malamute and 6% Husky.

Pups will be about 55-57% wolf. I expect them to throw some black phases, greys, reds and possibly white. I expect these to be some amazing pups.

She is a house dog so the pups will be born and raised in the house.

Price is $1500 pet price, breeding rights for approved buyers will be $500 more. Deposit is $500 and due after approval. Non refundable unless no pups are produced. The remaining $900 is due after pups are born. 5th available. Taking names if they have more that 5.

Must have experience/knowledge. Must have proper containment and live in a legal area.

If interested I will be sending you a questionnaire to fill out. Lineage is available to those who are getting one of these pups. Pups will also be coming with a contract.

I line up homes before breeding. I look forward to building relationships with potential homes as well.

I’m located in central Oregon and can offer pet transport at owners expense.


Early 2022 Litter.

Solid mid content wolfdog pups. Parents have been health and DNA tested. $1300 pet price, non refundable deposit is $500 unless no pups are produced. The remaining $800 is due after pups are born. Taking deposits now to guarantee homes before breeding.

Breeding rights is $500 more to approved buyers.

I line up homes before breeding and look to build a relationship with potential homes.

Parents have been embark tested

First pick and everyone else must pick by 3 weeks of age.

My male is a 49% F2(lower content) Timber wolf, German Shepherd, husky and malamute. He is a sweet big boy and loves making new friends.

My female is 55% F3 (mid content) timberwolf, German Shepherd, malamute and husky. She is a sweet girl.  Loves to meet new people.

The pups will be about 52% F3 (mids)

These will be beautiful and sweet good tempered pups. Sterling has produced some amazing puppies. If I find you are a good fit you are welcome to come meet my wolfdogs.

6th-9th available. Will also be taking names in case they have more than 9 pups.

I require updates through out the pups life. If you cannot commit to sending updates please do not apply for one of these pups.

There is fencing requirements and I will discuss that with you. Knowledge/experience of the breed is required as well. Will be good pups for an educated first time owner.

Must live in a legal area.

I will email you a questionnaire. If approved and after deposit is made. I will send a contract. After the questionnaire is filled out I can share lineage.

These dogs are not for everyone. They are definitely not a normal dog. They also require a different diet than your standard dog would (exspensive diet). Raw meat and high protein dog food.

Fruits and veggies are great too.

Deposit is due soon after approval.

We are located in Oregon.

I can transport at your expense if local to the Oregon (surrounding) area.