Puppies will start bottle-feeding between 10 and 14 days of age, at which the heavy socialization process begins. Family, friends and children will be around interacting with the babies frequently to ensure plenty of human contact. You are welcome to visit your baby at this stage. Bottle feeding is also encouraged to get a jump start on bonding with you and your new fury companion.

Puppies will have their first set of shots, regular deworming, as well as full access to Veterinary Care as needed before leaving for their forever homes.

Please, If you are unable to dedicate your life and time to these amazing animals, they are not for you. These type of animals are not able to be left unattended in your home in most cases. They can be highly destructive with a very intense prey drive. They can also become same-sex aggressive and dog aggressive without proper socialization and care. If you are not prepared for this, do not get a wolfdog, as they are a lifetime commitment.

A wolfdog can be the sweetest, goofiest fur baby you’ll ever have. They can be house trained, however each animal is different and will depend upon the effort put in. It will take a lot of time, consistency and patience. Please keep in mind that these are companion animals, not pets.

Wolfdogs have high dietary, and sometimes very costly, needs. In most cases, wolfdogs cannot subsist on dog kibble alone and need a high protein diet with lots of meat supplementation. Please consider doing research on this particular subject before obtaining a wolfdog.

Your animal will also need proper containment as these guys are some of the most elite escape artists……..

Lineage is available after you fill out the application.

If you live within the Oregon area I can transport with gas expenses, covered by the buyer.

You will need to live in a wolfdog legal area. I will need proof of your containment, photos and videos. Also we need proof you have experience with a low or mid content. If your animal does not appear to have content I will let you know. I will not place a pup outside of the United States.

Thank you for your time and inquiry. Your soon-to-be Companion Animal and I, look forward to meeting with you.